40s tencel denim fabric fine and textured
  • 40s tencel denim fabric fine and textured

40s tencel denim fabric fine and textured

FOB Reference Price Purchase quantity (Yard(s))

>= 8000 Yard(s)

US $1.82

Minimum order quantity8000 Yard(s)

100% tencel  denim yarn count :40s

weight: 112gsm   width:58/60" 

item no:SDH010A

Tencel is a 100% pure natural material. It is a brand-new fiber produced by solvent spinning with wood pulp as raw material. Coupled with the environmentally friendly manufacturing process, the lifestyle is based on protecting the natural environment, fully catering to the needs of modern consumers, and it is green and environmentally friendly, which can be called the green fiber of the 21st century.

It has the comfort of cotton, the strength of polyester, the luxurious beauty of wool fabric, the unique touch of silk and soft pendant.

Tencel fabric has a silky feel and elegant luster. It has good moisture absorption of viscose fibers, and high strength like synthetic fibers is the best clothing fabric. Tencel printing and dyeing has high and strict requirements for the process, especially the printing and dyeing process of woven silk fabric is the most difficult. Our Tencel fabric series includes: all-day silk, Tencel cotton, Tencel cotton weft bullet, Tencel polyester, Tencel polyester weft elastic, Tencel linen, etc.

It is mainly used for spring and summer women's skirt,  etc.

40s tencel denim fabric fine and textured

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